Thursday, May 5, 2016

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i remember 1993
it was the year that i turned 20
river phoenix died
and my friends got their first cell phones
i say this because i was a huge fan of river phoenix
and cell phones began to change my life from that moment on
I got my first cell phone in 1998
it was for work
and i remember feeling kind of cool about it
until i left it on the roof of my car and drove away from the government dock
in Victoria
and i later found it, smashed, on the road, when i turned around and went back for it
I got my next cell phone in 2000, when i moved to Vancouver
after film school
there seemed to be a real difference in the proliferation of cell phones
In Vancouver, compared to the Island.
I needed a phone right away in the film industry
i simply couldnt live without one
but then i moved back to Victoria from 2001 to 2004
i didnt need a cell phone anymore
returning to gardening and folk music
there is something so real and wonderful about those days that i will forever miss
the days of the Dissonance and playing in bars
then it was back to Vancity after the band broke up
Back to the lights camera action
the smart phones now
are like AI
one step closer to the Singularity
the power in your pocket
could send a rocket to the moon
and home
and what is home
other than a place to laugh and cry?

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