Saturday, April 9, 2016

The music has always been playing
no matter if I was crashing through the waves
or sitting silently on the ridge of a local peak
It has been the constant in my life
I have a memory of listening to 'King of Pain'
on my little radio that my great grandpa gave me
it was in Coquitlam, circa 1982

Or the first notes of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' finding their way into
my room and my 9 year old heart and soul
I began to really love music when I was 10. It is a time that stands out
A time that seemed to be stamped with the songs and
the videos of the day
The invention of MTV and Muchmusic were pivotal

When I was 13, I somehow came across a copy of Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon
which was recorded when I was in the womb
and was released the same year I was
I lay in my bed at night, in my room
in the dark
and let the story unfold
and no matter what
those alarm clocks going off always scared the shit out of me

And 14 brought Led Zeppelin
Which was the beginning of the end

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