Thursday, October 15, 2015


Behold! The great and sanctimonious, election time is upon us again! Soldiers fought and died for our right to not pay attention to what is going on with anything other than the Blue Jays. It seems to me that we could build libraries of stupidity and catalog it all for days, weeks, years, maybe forever. The library of Babel already exists, it's in magazines and in ads on bus shelters and even mirrors. 
This time isn't much different from the last, really, it still seems like a bunch of rich-white, out of touch assholes that want to captain the ship right into an Italian coast. And just like the captain, they wouldn't be going down with the ship, they would be the first ones off in the life boat. If they're not hiding in a closet, they are hiding from eggs aimed at the motorcade. 
This election looms near and all we are talking about is a piece of clothing on some woman's face. Truly, this is what we have now been reduced to. You, as a nation, a nation that once stood up on Vimy Ridge and on the beaches of Normandy. 
All of these so-called leaders, standing at their podiums, no answers to questions and a penchant for the theatrical, but only in the most banal way possible, seething with umbrage or outrage or offense. Oh great leader, what could be more powerful than being offended? Some find a foothold in being offended, it gives them their bully pulpit upon which to stand and lambaste and raise their voices and take what you want when nobody is looking. Trouble at the henhouse?
The lifetime politician slurps from the breast all his life and then talks about spending and how it needs to be cut. Smaller government, he says. I suppose he means smaller than him, people who are expendable, others who have deserved less, liberals, perhaps. Those taxing, greedy liberals. 

All I see on television; sex, lies and videotape, it has become a soap opera, blood sport, a fresh, low blow that has dropped us further down the evolutionary scale, a step back to a time when we were less free, a time when we placed restrictions on women's bodies, when children were property and either could be shit kicked by the man of the house if he were drunk and in a bad mood. 
That's the kind of hillbilly bullshit that this country is slipping back to if it isn't careful. We don't need militias of weak, shopping mall buffet eating, camo wearing, Dodge driving xenophobes with AR-15s and a bad relationship with their Dad, making all the decisions up here, okay?

Don't take yer guns to town, son.
Stop letting stupid people run shit.

Get out and vote, Canada, for Christ's sake. October 19th

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