Thursday, October 15, 2015

Action Rathore

We met in 1999
It was the time
you said i was eating chicken
and the cats were trying to get it
and i was yelling at them
to get the fuck
outta there
We were in different film schools
Johnny had introduced us
he went to your school
you both shared the intense love of film
that one gets when they go to film school
for all that time you are there
you talk about Aronofsky, Truffault and Coppola
or even Tarantino
but we know, or we knew
that we would make a dent in the wall
those nights spent painting the blue screen on the porch
or the white walls 
of the Brit Skitz Sci-Fi
and of course, the pizza years
and the spawn of the script that never got made

Next thing you know
we both find love!
What. The. Fuck.
Pretty sweet though, huh?
You weren't my official best man, but you kind of were
I wasn't your official best man, but I kinda was
we stayed late the night before, futzing with the lighting
like no others, we set those lights tight
nobody noticed but us

And then came these Little Creatures
And taught us to be teachers

What does it mean to be a Dad instead of a Mom?
It's the gaps that are filled and make one
One side of the equation is equal to the other
One is teaching
One is survival
and the two overlap sometimes
When the music starts to play we all sing along 
and nothing is wrong
or ever could be

We'll just keep doing what we are doing, my friend, I guess
It's been a while
let's keep givin' er.  

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