Friday, September 25, 2015

Chameleon number 1.

Shapeless wonder radio lover masquerading marauding discovery
Sending chills down my spine of all the earthly pleasures I like mine
I cannot deny the feeling I get from soda
No Maharishi yogi yoga only Yoda

Star Wars was once entertainment
and shit was once excrement
how excellent, how fantastically fraudulent.

Isn't it obvious? How could I be so obnoxious? 

Drop this wash a dish or eat a fish this is bliss

Friday beer told me I was old and cold 
Sunday son, too bright for the gold I sold 
Three ring fantasy, creepy, crawling back to me
how exhausting it is to think sometimes

It can amazing you, make you cry because you realize you're happy and everything is fine.

Are you a gambler? Use your cards. Pick a car that will go far
in case you didn't know where you were going 
you know now, the skin on your face is showing 
the time in your lack of an explanation
you always make appearances conspicuous 
school has taught you well 
only a fool can tell 
you want the world and the water from the well 
the color of light is changing all around you  
you were finding it disagreeable 
laughing at jokes by the late-night talkshow host, 
the coastal house with the most smoke 
I can see you blowing it into the wind.

You know I have always loved you because you're the future you are the strength that comes to take the lead and you didn't have to say anything they heard you in the understood you

Der Straat
Satellites are bright tonight

the buses are overflowing 
filtered air, it filters indigestion and the smoke from cigarettes 
the bicycles are many 
the guests they are all friendly 
trains only traveling tracks 
the alleyways are filled with alley cats 
sign says watch for pickpockets 
cafĂ© sold coffee and rockets 
a requiem for asylum museum 
van Gogh painted some flowers and himself
Red light reflected off the road sign 
water led the reason for design 
cobblestone street, too narrow for the lorry
filled with bottles and boxes and chocolate 
Godliness and cleanliness are virtues celebrated, 
long-ago these were created 
by orchestrations of understanding reality 
and a penchant for pleasurosity
Hear the music of exile generations 
see the sun, see the excellent reflections 
ghosts of yesterday and tomorrow 
serenade the people with sorrow 
nuclear news paper image cut from the finest of cloth 
the clock it helps you to remember 
all those places you once forgot.

Lamb, the elder
Pretending never-ending escaping and faking 

precision decision illusion mistaken 
cut up fantasy, that shiny thing distracted me 
like a crow there's a quarter in the snow...
And now you're going to show me the way? 

Education hypocrisy got lost in me 
information retention slows the 24 frames per second 
New World, new nuclear real-time focus to rebuild the earth 
from scratching yourself where it hurts 
it hurts less and less now, you're finding. 
Have you heard? Someone put this down in words 
the potential for a teen idol is absurd
Is there a mirror they can look into for the last time 
because long-distance conversations cost more than a dime 
this isn't poetry, this is fucking truth 
you say I wasted my time and my youth?
you tried, you only lied about crying
and now my thoughts are on the rocks, frying. 
Most of my time is spent breathing and eating and sleeping 
and thinking of how I will entertain myself 
and how I will escape and berate myself
I can't thank you enough for your precious patients 

with my lock and my preoccupations 
which our life and death situations.

Some folks.
They kneel to pray to an empty God 
while trees fall for coupons and coffee 
baby Gap billboard sells denim diapers
To generations of debt laden lifers
oxidized rock sized space junk 
landfill is full of trends and drunks 
oceans of potions and lotions solutions 
the most fence posts and ghosts and toast and bones m
akes this house seem like home sweet home.

Distant bell sounds for the fallen soldiers fallen glory 
once held proud to the heart, 
everyone spake of freedom 
but in the dismal abysmal urinal of truth and consequence 
we forge ahead with the same old order of affluence 
the new, new world order I do not want to believe it 
you cry for reprieve 
but you have not yet even fought the fight yet 
it will become interesting when there is nothing to lose
Only when you realize something is wrong can you begin to make it right 
destiny of billionaire boys club's
strange home on the range 
box shaped heart, 
hemmed in with a headache 
it is crying for hydrogen, or something 
so the jets flying to the sky
higher than having a high price to be paid for freedom 
laughable, lamentable 
Learning to live with less 
less freedom and more fries.

The way things oughta be.
Like a giant hand of spades or monopoly, 

more like a game of life 
moves to game over 
making up for it
you rushed to push someone over 
in your haste to cut the paste t
he bad taste you left in my mouth 
with that speech about the way things ought to be
free and such ad nauseum  
make a change and make it stick 
instead of showing us your new tricks 
I've already seen things disappear 
like fear and the eternal quest for answers to my stupid questions 
I thought about faint, painless, beige cage that you made 
doubtless, you told yourself as you changed everything 
but still nothing.
The answer isn't right but you can guess 
like the time you left that mess 
and left
your opinion is burned into everyone, 
even the Sun 
and the one 
who saves the rest of the best for last 
your specialty spews from you like a chemical spill 
or a thrill seeking beekeepers honey 
desperate to tell everybody the reason for your rhyme 
is that determination to find the time 
to keep the people off the grass 
and on the street 
to feed the monks and the birds and the drunks is absurd
when all you need to do is hear the words.

We sought refuge in a cool place 

Hiked bamboo path, trees of stone 
I saw village in the valley you saw it also, we descended 
Reached the Hamlet, there were faces 
warm faces, smiling faces, by light by flame, by candlelight 
in passing doorways and spirits 
in time, we found a lost to lay our heads
You heard the chimes 

wind ruffles prayer flags 
there are children somewhere
morning finds us dreamy, lazy, 
then awake 
smoke smelled fire kitchen, tumeric, incense, blind bodhissatva rocks back-and-forth
prayer wheel turns 
everything is nothingness
bid farewell, into the morning air 
thick with sunshine and with hearts of peace and with the spirit, traveled
for all is as it is.