Saturday, July 4, 2015

Every day you wake up
and watch the cars and the buses and the people
pass by
Jesus Christ, we take it for granted
Our time
We waste so much of it
The shortness of it
The emergency of it disappearing
You start to notice
Things like that
As you go about your days with no sense of immediacy 

The Sun rises and sets
and the rain falls and the tide ebbs and floods, taking it easy
as we spin through space at sixty five thousand kilometres an hour
its amazing we can even hold on
if you think about it

And what do we do with all of this?
24 hour drive through windows and comic book entertainment is what
Everywhere you look
no story, only spectacle
a feast for the eyes and everything else is left to starve

Our self predicting prophecies are dark because I think we see darkness up ahead

That may be so but we still have our cars and our football teams
so we find a way

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