Friday, April 3, 2015

What, exactly can a Dad be?
what is my role?
besides making silly faces and forgetting to pick up organic milk at the store on my way home from work again?
If feminism changed radically, the roles of women
then what did it do to the roles of men?
who are we, this group of modern men
that are confused, amused by their new place in the world of things?
It's not that new, our Dads were far more pioneering than we will ever be
the man was let out of the waiting room back then
fearful as he was of his newfound surroundings
The Dads of today want to forge our own way
by being even more in touch with our human sides
It is a challenge;
men and boys have been communicating improperly for millennia

Our Fathers did not have as many options as we do now
that is what has changed the most
we can now stay home, work part time, work from home, work full time
these options are available for her too
I never said it was easy but there are still options
like a trip to the mall, you don't want to do it but if you have to, you will
All we can hope is to raise decent and loving and caring individuals
that is what we have always hoped
I know it
more than ever

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