Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The death of the right wing opinion? That is hilarious. We always hear about the left leaning media but it just isn't true. I would say that the media in this country is fairly balanced, compared with others. 
And the CBC? 10 of it's 12 board members are Conservative and the the Captain of the ship, Hubert La Croix, is a Conservative appointee. The fallacy of the Liberals loving the CBC is a lie, too. Some of the first, deepest cuts to CBC were made back in the 90s, by the Chretien administration.
To just dismiss Sun News and its pundits as right wing is is the vocal minority's attempt to seem like the underdog or the victim in this situation, it's an age old trick. 
I have plenty of right wing friends, who are intelligent, thoughtful, respectful people, just as I try to be. No, Sun News is spouting an ignorant, bigoted, shocking brand of television that even most Conservatives are turned off by.
It isn't the the signal of the death of a right wing voice in Canada, but the death of a hateful and loud voice, albeit small in numbers. I'm not against that. It's freedom of expression and speech. I don't have to tune into it though. And, as it turns out, neither do most Canadians.
There is some truth to the mandatory carriage argument but the numbers still don't add up. They didn't have the viewership.
There were a few good people on that network, most notably David Akin, who tried to espouse a gentler brand of Conservatism. 
Not to mention the 150 other people who worked for the network, that are now out of a job.
I'm sure Levant and crew will find a home somewhere. Ezra has all the earnings from his Ethical Oil empire to fall back on, if he can't make that website work.
Canadians are a very middle-of-the-road culture, therefore we like our politics and our media to reflect that. I'm sure if there were an ultra left leaning channel, where the views were just as hateful and slanted, would not be watched and tolerated by many Canadians either.

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