Wednesday, March 4, 2015

down on the farm (lament for bill C-51)

The denial of individual freedom for us by us
we all stood in line to take it away
and when they look to us for answers we won't have any
other than some lame excuse for a reason
like we felt like we were afraid
we felt as if we were drowning
but there was no water to be found 

The bridges we spent generations building

were burned in a day
how quickly we forget
when it suits us and it suits us fine
to waste our time running from ourselves
Its what we do best

Just like all the rest but we think we are unique 

we are just like everyone else
with a credit card bill and a boss we hate
but we all hang in for a cabin on the lake
or at least a view
a peek-a-boo

When they ask why you gave the farm

you can tell them it was to save it

It was all you knew how to do.

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