Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sound of Silence (Art is a weapon but it's also food)

Compose yourself
a song is what you need
something to go on
like a clue
When out in the World
try to look your best
it is the one thing they will remember you for
that and all the times you didn't show up
The habits are hard to break
even the good ones
like the drive-thru 
and not saying anything
it's easy 
but dangerously unbalanced

The trick is to live, really
as simple as it sounds
it ain't easy being free
All the hours are spoken for
and each year another door
seems to close
another one opens
just pay attention
The song is still playing

It is all different now
working hard to not let down
the people who keep you up
and who abide by you
and let you through
the least you can do
is love honestly
Beware, time heals wounds
but rust never sleeps
and the promises we keep
find no purchase in the hollow sound of silence
so give more than that
Be more than that

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