Friday, March 13, 2015

Bill C-51 continues to impress...

" Harper started off 2015 by claiming "jihadists" had "declared war" on Canada, later adding a line from the George W. Bush playbook: "They want to harm us because they hate our society and the values it represents." (One thing Harper and others have yet to address is why so-called "jihadists" have not declared war on democracies like Brazil, Argentina, or Costa Rica, which have similar "values," not to mention vibrant celebrations of hedonistic sexuality that might make ISIS cringe.)

Introducing C-51, Harper declared: "violent jihadism…is not a human right. It is an act of war, and our government's new legislation fully understands that difference." Even though one of the RCMP's own internal documents advises against using terms like "jihadism" and "Islamic terrorism" -- based on the understanding that "distorted and inflammatory linkages between Islam and terrorism" succeed only in "conflating terrorism with mainstream Islam, thereby casting all Muslims as terrorists or potential terrorists" -- Harper refuses to respect those cautions, going so far as to slanderously suggest that mosques are terrorism incubators.
The bill's introduction on a Friday afternoon was stage-managed to take advantage of a series of planned events:  the start of two terror-related trials the following Monday (the "B.C. pressure cooker" and the "Toronto Via Rail" plots) and the subsequent arrest of 25-year-old Awso Peshdary for allegedly helping young men travel overseas to fight in Syria. The Mounties held a press conference to report the arrest of Peshdary, who has been under surveillance for five years and posed no imminent threat, and also to suddenly announce two warrants for overseas fighters who have long been in the news. Taken together, things were perfectly timed to produce a cascading mirage that Canada was, as Harper said, under attack. "

-Matthew Behrens. Copyright 2015

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