Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo. mixed media on carved plywood. 42"x22"

All those leaders and dealers marching in the streets 
To decry the loss of innocence
whatever that means

Who claims culpability and for what?
All this talk of revenge makes me thirsty
Freedom to malign and say what we want
All this time and all I really needed was someone to blame

It's easy when it is religion or race
Oh no, don't you pull that card again
It's a marked deck and all the chips are down
or at least we don't hold any

Arm in arm they walk
Uncomplicated, really
A million strong they say
against what? 

Friday, February 6, 2015

The way in which they show food on TV
Is not an accurate portrayal
Instead it is mostly rote trivial and repetitive
Wearing people out way too soon
Making the same old rice or noodles
vegetables and starch
But ethical
like rendition
or application of weapons
The glory is in the kills
for your country not the world
at least, some of you

When people claim that vaccinations and employees having to wash their hands after they have taken a piss, is an attack on freedom.

Monday, February 2, 2015

John Baird resigns as Canada's Foreign (Affairs) Minister, prompting outrage from absolutely fucking nobody ever.

You don't put water in the whiskey
and you don't waste time in your Prime
you don't show your cards when you're playin'
Or speak when you are out of turn

The water is getting higher every year
like the bullshit and the price of gas
The men in charge assure us it's all going to be alright
Just look what a success it's been so far

Egg on the face of the motorcade
And on the pride of the country
not the Strong Proud Free
But of strength of character and justice

Let them not speak poorly of their enemies
Hard as it may be in years to come
once they all see
the damage that has been done
in the name of prosperity

He who speaks the loudest
sometimes has his throat cut
or just moves on
and accepts a high paying corporate salary

The World is a vampire...

 HEMINGWAY, drunk in a bar in Cuba