Monday, January 12, 2015

happy birthday Bubby

You were late, we wondered when you were coming
Now you are waving
It has been one year
and the dread is greater than ever
about all the shit that is going on
but more about the kind of parent I needed to be
The worthy and all around good guy that I want to be

You know just the other day, some men went and shot some cartoonists with machine guns
In the end, the lives you take are equal to the lives you make
The Book of this or the Book of that
And where are all these new souls coming from
Are they waiting in some sort of a cue?

Here you are, one year out
I'm sorry for this world that I have been too lazy to help fix
I mean, I did something but not much
Mostly I just get outraged and yell at the TV
I imagine that scene plays out in a billion living rooms every day
And now, with social media
you can take in 4 times the amount of information
and still not know what the fuck is going on
Love is all we are looking for
That and a fast car and holidays on air miles
Live without fear, live without all the other traps you keep falling into

Do you know how much I love you?
You never could I could never put it into words
like a lot of things on this earth
its just a feeling
I can't explain
You will understand when you are older
Life and death are real
More real than almost anything
do not fear either

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