Tuesday, January 27, 2015

this moment

Your friends will be awestruck
The marvels of what you have created will be on display 
The looking is what is worth paying for
Your suburban life is about to get interesting

All those nights of sobering, television induced thought
Will most likely be forgotten anyway

You don't need a degree to make it here
Just a story and the bravado to tell it
Doesn't have to be the truth
It just has to be moderately interesting

Everyone thinks everyone else is an asshole or an idiot
I don't know why, it is just the way we are programmed 
For some reason, we are able to manage 
a billion cars on a million freeways every day
With barely a mishap

We all know our way to work 
And sometimes, on our day off
We end up at work without a thought
Before we realise we have autopilot engaged
We feel silly, don't we?

And every once in a while, we wanna strike out
At the World but really at ourselves
For all the dumb shit that we've done
And all the bad decisions that we've made
That have led us to this moment
This moment, which is really not that bad, after all

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