Monday, September 22, 2014

Heart Shaped Box

The sound of science is getting hard to hear
the rain falls on the roof loudly and makes it impossible to hear
the radio is all we have and yet nothing
the new now is the new normal and we don't want it
the filtered songs and air flow freely 
all the birds are locked up with the sunshine
the flowers and the opinions seem to find enough light to grow, though
it is all a show put on by us for us
we all want to see it and then we turn away when we don't agree with it
or at least we pretend to
all the headlines in the world could never get my point across
like a fog that never lifts, I show up again
at the perfect time to make everyone uncomfortable, yet loveable
at the same time
it could be St Valentines every day
if I had my say
It would be flowers every day

and chocolates
in a heart shaped box

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