Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bubby goes to NYC

In New York City
with Flynn
New for him and new for me
I had never before taken the subway with a baby
or more importantly, a stroller
He seemed to like the place
and they all seemed to like him
they smiled and cooed at him as he passed
like a celebrity
at least that is what it felt like
they couldn't resist smiling at him
like a fan couldn't resist an autograph
His eyes were full of sight and his ears of sound
the honking horns and the vendors and the traffic
a symphony a cacophony a treasury
of sound a music to the ears

In all honesty, I am sure he did not know the difference between the subway in Manhattan and the Canada Line Skytrain back home in Vancouver but I like to think he was like, "this subway ridin' is the shit, Dad", or "this is the shit, this whole subway thing."
He won't remember being there, but we remember him being there.
He fit right in.


  1. He's too cute. Hope you guys enjoyed your stay!

    1. We always enjoy our stay in NYC. Love that town. Thank you. And yeah, he's pretty sweet!