Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bubby goes to NYC

In New York City
with Flynn
New for him and new for me
I had never before taken the subway with a baby
or more importantly, a stroller
He seemed to like the place
and they all seemed to like him
they smiled and cooed at him as he passed
like a celebrity
at least that is what it felt like
they couldn't resist smiling at him
like a fan couldn't resist an autograph
His eyes were full of sight and his ears of sound
the honking horns and the vendors and the traffic
a symphony a cacophony a treasury
of sound a music to the ears

In all honesty, I am sure he did not know the difference between the subway in Manhattan and the Canada Line Skytrain back home in Vancouver but I like to think he was like, "this subway ridin' is the shit, Dad", or "this is the shit, this whole subway thing."
He won't remember being there, but we remember him being there.
He fit right in.

Ah, Facebook...

Monday, September 22, 2014


the trouble with art...

I once was stopped at the U.S. Border and reprimanded for bringing my art across without the proper documentation. I mean, here I was, some schmuck, taking his art down to Seattle to show in some shitty little gallery and I was stuck at the border because I didn't have the right documentation to bring the paintings that I had painted, back into my own country. I was supposed to have a little receipt that the U.S. border guards had given me 3 months prior, when I had taken the paintings down there. I had forgot the receipt and that presented a real problem. Undocumented art. you cannot just have art out there, floating around, without the proper paperwork to go with it. Oh, Canada...

Newest Works by Durko

Get Your Filthy Hands Off my Oil (for the re-starting of the Cold War)

Indian Arm


Heart Shaped Box

The sound of science is getting hard to hear
the rain falls on the roof loudly and makes it impossible to hear
the radio is all we have and yet nothing
the new now is the new normal and we don't want it
the filtered songs and air flow freely 
all the birds are locked up with the sunshine
the flowers and the opinions seem to find enough light to grow, though
it is all a show put on by us for us
we all want to see it and then we turn away when we don't agree with it
or at least we pretend to
all the headlines in the world could never get my point across
like a fog that never lifts, I show up again
at the perfect time to make everyone uncomfortable, yet loveable
at the same time
it could be St Valentines every day
if I had my say
It would be flowers every day

and chocolates
in a heart shaped box
 when you got nothin' you got nothin' to lose...


                            oh, Che.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Teacher's Strike

schools out
for a long time
young adults, adolescents
struggle to understand
the meaning behind the wall
that has been erected
between us and them
full of rage and set ablaze
set upon us, who let them sink
all they wanted was to swim
and the beginning of their end
marked by strife
that will be the story of their life
the place that was sacred
now a battle ground
where youth and virtue
have been given the guillotine
of fair wages versus corporations
why should they have the audacity of hope
when all those who lead
fall down and then cry at the microphone
tears are the new black


The society that doesn't value education is destined to need more police and courts and jails.