Wednesday, July 30, 2014

common valour

If not for the madness of man where would we be now? All the men and guns and bravado deciding the future of countries full of families who have nowhere to go, this is their home, the only one they know. A whole generation calls the shots from television programs and the armchairs in the living rooms of the World. I got a son over there and that sort of shit, you know, the stories that get everyone all wound up and next thing they're forgetting facts and just making them up. Or at least try to steer the ship with emotion instead of the way things are. A great many bombs have been dropped in the name of knowing the correct answer for something, while the other side does not have the same answer, the other side doesn't even get the same question.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The ability to change is within us but we are afraid of it
do we find ourselves in the same race that was run by our parents?
the heat of today burns much hotter than the fires of when they were young
they once had to fight with their fists against their oppressors
found themselves in all kinds of pictures
felt like a time that was a changing
The Fight became paramount, all roads led to comfort and security
our hands were no longer in the shape of a fist
but carrying a flag or shaking hands with no conviction, no eye contact
an entire generation gets left out and they are worn out but don't know why
watching is easier than acting and talking is better than walking
there are always moments of light in the dark

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel. Fuck yeah.

As another assault on Palestine rages on, I discovered this chart for the Israel I.D. system. I think you'll find yourself a bit surprised at what happens there and who is allowed to have certain rights, while others are denied even the most basic of human rights and needs. The vendetta for the killings of the 3 teenage boys has, as of today, reached 81 Palestinians. Just like the American to Iraqi life calculation, clearly there are some lives worth more than others. I don't usually wade into the Israel debate, as it can cost you dearly, but for fuck sake, this is absurd. And just today, our PM Harpercon re-iterated his undying love and devotion and pledged Canada's support against the stone throwing, poor people. Great. Something to be proud of.