Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rise of the Neo-Liberal containment state in Canada... (excerpt from Aiyanas Ormond)

"Far from being a sinister machination of the “Harper agenda,” the neoliberal containment state enjoys a consensus across the ruling class and between electoral parties. No mainstream political party is putting forward a coherent alternative vision for managing monopoly capitalism. The appeals to a softer gentler capitalism coming from the labour bureaucracy and the ‘left’ wing of the NDP have no coherent economic program attached to them. The reality is that the strengthening of the police/incarceration containment state is intimately tied to the social consensus of the bourgeoisie about how to manage capitalism and accumulation in this historical period. The neoliberal containment state is a necessary corollary of the other components of the neoliberal project in Canada:
i. Trade liberalization beginning with the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA.
ii. Privatization of former state enterprises and public services.
iii. De-funding of redistributive social programs under the cover of austerity and debt reduction.
iv. Weakening and dismantling of regulatory frameworks including environmental and labour regulations.
v. Diminishing the use function of social programs for working class communities and increasing their control function.
It is important to understand the institutions and instruments of this containment state, their connections to the economics of neoliberalism, and their functionality for the Canadian colonial capitalist project as we build movements of struggle, resistance and revolution...."
via the Mainlander. Aiyanas Ormond.

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