Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letter to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Dear Right Honourable Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea,

I am writing you to voice my opposition to the seal hunt, which is now, once again, underway in this great country of ours. And, what a hunt it will be! Shooting! Clubbing! Drowning! Bleeding to death! 
And I see your typically 19th century minded government has gone ahead, in its most progressive fashion, and maintained the annual quota at 400,000. 

That is a pretty ridiculous number, considering nobody wants this stuff anymore. Anywhere in the world. But, your government derives many of its votes from knuckle dragging, gun toting, barbaric, redneck idiots, so I don't blame you for taking a stand against us, the granola munching, lefty, hippy, animal rights activists. I mean, you must know that you will never get a single vote from us, right? That is why you made the comments about how 'we' are responsible for China not wanting our seal products. 
When, in reality, the Chinese people do not want these products. Believe me, this is a country whose people will eat almost anything, I mean, these people decorate their homes with elephant tusks and eat grizzly bear gall bladders because they believe it will give them virility or something. The last people on Earth to ever pay any mind to an animal rights activist is Chinese people.

And it is not just your government. It has been a succession of governments, even the filthy Liberals, who have tried to hock our seal products to the Chinese, as far back as 1985. Canada was built on three things, Gail. Genocide of First Nations, cheap Chinese labour and seal pelts. So, your government, being the anachronistic, Victorian era government that it is, wants to harken back to the days of yore, when men were men and every living thing on God's green Earth ran scared.

For goodness sake, Gail, your government is already giving away all our resources to China, running roughshod over Canadians and First Nations to get that diluted bitumen to the coast and into ships, bound for refineries and untold Chinese jobs. But that is for another time and it is a subject best tabled in the presence of the Minister in Charge of the Destruction of Canada for Big Oil.

I can't even be polite or civil anymore to your government, they represent all that is wrong in this world. 
You called this hunt "sustainable" and "humane", when given the opportunity to speak to the media. Do you actually believe this, Gail? Clubbing and shooting sentient mammals to death, drowning them, sticking gaff hooks into the bellies of still-alive seals? In the presence of other seals, including their parents or pups? You call this HUMANE? If you say that is humane, then I challenge you to look within yourself and question your own beliefs about the sanctity of life. 

You also said that "90 percent of the seals are killed with high powered rifles", as if that is a nice friendly little way to die. Oh! a bullet in the face! Goody! That's all a seal ever wanted!
And what about the other 10%? Clubbed, drowned, gaffed, bled to death. Super humane, Gail. Canada should be proud.

This industry will eventually end, when the people of this country get off their lazy asses and do something worthwhile to stand up for this once great nation. The EU has banned our seal products, Russia doesn't want them, even China doesn't want them. I guess the furs will be stacking up in some warehouse somewhere, with nobody to buy them.

I don't know why your government doesn't just buy out the controversial hunting program, it would look really good on our country to do something progressive for once. But no, it will never happen under the watchful eye of Mein Harper because every single decision that is made in Ottawa is ideologically driven and, in some cases, as in the seal hunt, it is even done in spite.

Have a happy Easter. And remember, Jesus was an animal lover.

Tony Durke.

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  1. The bit about the Chinese not ever being animal rights activists was off side. Even borderline racist. I apologise. Every other thing I said, I stand behind. I also want to state my (reluctant) support for First Nations subsistence seal hunting. It saddens me but I do understand the traditional need for it. Though, there is still room to phase it out through a buyout. Who knows what the future will bring?