Thursday, April 10, 2014

circus elephants for the kids

Centuries of listening never got them anywhere
The time it took to say it wore them all out
The attention spans are shorter than they used to be
Still, this is all more or less the same old story
Wars and Sales got us to where we are today
a place between there and here
a land of have no fear
except the one that creeps up on you and leaves you feeling
restless and sleepless
The kinda nights lived by a rounder a drifter a shiftless grifter
the romance of a life notorious
lost all its glory, really
it is too late, the dream has already passed
all you can hope for is a warm place to sleep
and music to listen to
Stories to tell and stories to read
You can be as hard as you want but you will break
at the sight of the simplicity
What was once a nexus is now a singularity
The love I have found
The sound of alliance

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