Sunday, March 30, 2014

Like local tv personalities you over dressed
The ones you tried to impress never noticed
just like you they were caught up in themselves
all you wanted to hear was your own voice
the choice you made was the predictable one
like ol' faithful you gushed every time
you dropped the dime
and sang the song that was requested
shaking hands was what you were made for
at least bred for in that small town
never one to be swayed by others
you did your own research
from questionable less reputable resources some said
not the kind of message you would want for the children
or for that matter put on the stand
in a court of law
was it something you saw or something you heard
the word is what comes down
in a small town
are the blood running through the veins of this place
trucks in the roadside stops
signs the only sign of anyone left alive

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