Monday, February 24, 2014

Vancouver; Out with the Old, in with the New

More than 750 homes are demolished annually in Vancouver, many of them pre-1940s houses built with a high level of craftsmanship and quality materials.  Most of these homes are already adapted, or adaptable, to modern living requirements and are a more affordable and ecologically sustainable option than the houses that currently replace them.  Each demolition sends more than 50 tonnes of waste to the landfill, taking with it the history and character of the streetscape and the mature gardens that grace our established neighbourhoods.
We the undersigned call on City Council to take immediate action to:
1) remove from zoning and building code bylaws any biases favouring demolition and new construction over retention;
2) review and amend single-family(RS) zoning in a collaborative process with affected communities so that retention of pre-1940s homes has significant advantages over demolition and new construction while ensuring the character, scale and fundamental nature of the neighbourhoods are preserved;
3) provide greater review and scrutiny of pre-1940s homes prior to accepting proposed development applications and/or demolitions; and
4) fast-track and prioritize development applications that retain pre-1940s character and heritage housing.

Vancouver Character House Network
Please view our video:

When they call it the 'best place on Earth', they must be talking from the perspective of the developers in this town, who have free reign to destroy all history and build condos and malls in its place. 

Please sign a petition to City Council asking that Vancouver pull its head out of its ass and start saving more historical buildings. New isn't always necessarily better.

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