Monday, February 3, 2014

Freedom Olympics, Russia style!

As we move closer to the Olympics, there are more damaging stories about human rights violations, evictions, anti-gay laws, many unfinished athlete housing units, two captured killer whales, the killing of stray dogs, quashed right to protest (except in a small park miles from any Olympic venue) all for the princely sum of $50 billion dollars. If I was Russian, I would be fucking pissed. 

How absurd that we are going to turn a blind eye to all of it and take the fucking picture from the pretty side and act like a bunch of fascist twats for two weeks, waving our flags and using the royal 'we' to describe a win someone has accomplished, as if it were us that had actually achieved something.
People do this with all kinds of sports, like it was something other than them watching it from their couch, with beer in hand, shouting advice at the television.

The way that we don't really care about anything other than the shiny shit is our trademark move.
Everyone have fun at the Olympics. Don't forget to wave yer flags...

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