Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I don't know why a coalition is a dreaded word. It is welcome, in my view. The Cons were kept at bay when they were a minority Government, with a coalition able to block motions in the House. I think that was one of the best positions this country has ever been in, politically, and the politicians of all stripes squandered that unique circumstance. Of course, ol' Harper there, called it an 'attack on democracy' or something. I am paraphrasing but it was something like that. This coming from a guy that has appointed more senators, prorogued Parliament, passed massive omnibus bills, with huge changes to the environment acts, couched in budget bills. I could go on... But, I digress.
The opinion that a coalition is bad seems to be trumped about in the media, as well. They like it because it keeps the foolish Left divided and the Cons take majority of the house, under the ridiculous FPTP voting system, with like 38% of the popular vote or something.
Elizabeth May might not be PM material but she is a fantastic and effective politician. Mulcair has turned out to be very good leader, in my opinion, holding his majesty's feet to the fire over this whole senate scandal. Trudeau, I think, is a bad choice for the Liberals, they seem ill advised when it comes to picking drivers of their bus. But, they need to get their act together and join forces to defeat the Harpercons. 
Our small differences are what is keeping us apart and the wolves in charge. We best be figuring this sh#t out before May 2015.

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