Monday, January 27, 2014

Word to Mayor Corrigan (BC, banana republic)

Your Worship, Mr. Derek Corrigan, Mayor,
I am writing this short letter to thank you for your courageous position against the lunacy that is the Fraser Surrey coal port expansion. The video of you calling BC a banana republic is going a bit viral and I hope it continues to go viral. Other politicians in this province and country need to see it and maybe they will realise what you have realised many years ago; that politicians work for the people and not corporations.
Perhaps they will be inspired to do the right thing. I doubt it but a part of me always wants to remain hopeful. That part of me was delighted when I saw your speech last night on the web. I think Fraser Riverkeepers re-posted it on their blog but, as I said, I think it is going a bit viral because people are ecstatic to witness your honesty, an ingredient rarely seen in today's politician.
I guess this is why the people of Burnaby keep returning you to your Mayoral post, election after election. Hell, I don't even live in Burnaby, I live in New West and I think you are great. 
Keep up the good work, sir!
Tony Durke.

Click the link to view the Mayor's speech...

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