Friday, January 17, 2014



Who knew I could fall in love with those little feet?
It all happened in a blur and there you were, a tiny little creature that was instantly dependent on me for its survival.
The thing is, little buddy, is that, even though I am 40 years old as I write this, I still feel like a kid in a lot of ways and I hope I can bring that to the table when it comes to parenting. 

I suppose one of my biggest fears is to become out of touch and irrelevant. Don't let that happen to me. Keep me up to date on all the latest shit, alright? I think I am cool right now but, to you, I will, at first, seem to have all the answers to all of your questions, then I will probably be that old guy that listens to jazz and talks about 'back in daddy's day' like it were some kind of paradise on Earth. Believe me, it has never been a paradise here on Planet Earth but life can be paradise, if you work for it. 

I remember my life when I was a kid and it felt like it would go on forever. It passes so quickly and this is the reason that we adults still feel like kids when we get older. We are like children, trapped in an adult's body. Sometimes it seems unreal that it all works.  

Even when I was thirty or so, I had no business being a father, still roaming around, restless, I guess. 
You will appreciate this, having all my faculties for parenthood will benefit you in many ways. 
I swear, I will be available to you whenever you need. Life can be hard at times, through all the stages and phases, so hang on and see where it takes you. To be your Dad is the biggest challenge I have ever faced and I plan to face it head on. I hope you like bikes. There will be a lot of bike riding.

Your Mother and I are almost in disbelief when we look at you, fancying ourselves modern city folk, living the life of Riley, and then, boom, there you are. We planned you of course, you were no accident. We aimed our guns and fired with precision. Our love is great and always will be. It grew something fierce the moment you were born. 

If we seem cynical, it is because we are. You will be cynical, too, when you are older. It's just the way of things. You have less patience for stupidity when you get older.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to maintain your innocence. Your sense of wonder at the natural world around you. 

Always be thankful for everything you have because there are so many people in the World who have nothing. You were born into an ideal life, one of the best, never forget that. 

We will work hard for you to have all the things you need but we will not indulge you. 

We will travel as much as we can because to see the World is the best education you will ever have.

I promise to be the best I can be.

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