Tuesday, January 7, 2014

letter to Tyee regarding Emperor Harper's visit to the Vancouver Board of Trade (the only people he'll talk to in Vancouver because he knows the rest of us fucking hate him)

No questions at any point from any of the media, at any time during the visit? Is this a democracy or not? What a colonial, control freak, sociopathic PM. Are we asleep at the wheel? Last I checked, this still is a democracy, no? Where is the outrage in this country?
Agree with his politics or not, we should all be alarmed at a government that is so intent on controlling all information and messaging.
The closing of science libraries, the outright denial of climate science, the vilification of citizens and groups that speak out, the constant industry propaganda, the glorification of past wars, while cutting funding for veterans are all very strong signs that the Harper government is a Corporate/Christian Fascist entity, behaving exactly as it should, according to the principles of the Cornwall Alliance.
Time to get off our asses, Canada.

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