Thursday, January 30, 2014

For what polls are worth these days...

Sure, you may look at these polls (from the lovely people at and revel in the fact that the Harpercons will be stripped of their majority. I look at it and wonder why there are still so many fucking morons that still support the criminal minded theocrats. Like, where are all these idiots that still come out and support such a bunch of treasonous pond scum?
Sitting in their idling pick-ups down at the Tim Horton's, that's where. 'Support our Troops' and 'Soccer Mom' bumper stickers and Carly Rae Jepson on the radio. Double, double.

This government should be facing a Mulroney-esque map wipe off. They should be kicked to third party status at the very least. But the mindless BASE would support brownshirts if it meant the dream of returning to the glory days they never had. 
At least the rest of us can hope for the Harpercons to lose their majority to swing the pendulum back a few points...

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