Saturday, December 28, 2013

they made a movie outta this... (for 2003)

Post man delivers death by anthraxop postman delivers death by anthrax
Distant door bell rings, the new telegraph is telling facts
About distractions, mathematics of race
And other wasted faces of distinction.
Everybody is buzzing about, wearing it out
Swinging, I am dreaming of satisfaction
Digital nightmare, married to icons
The truth is stranger than fiction
Department store off ramp, same as the last
The kids around here are growing up fast
Freedom of speech, written on a wall
It's been a long time since they felt this small

And they made a movie out of this
With a soundtrack by the latest musical artist
Toys available with french fries and cyanide
At a fine fast food franchise

Paranoia parfait, the dish of the age of extremes
Never left the box that leaked from the seams
Destructive reaction, expansive attraction of means
Plutonium princess in distress 
It is all that is left
Automatic appliance does everything usual
But this one is special, it will cook it then clean it
What is it, can you guess?

I was driven mad with the pale, blue sincerity
Cold soul drowns with the cold heat
Sold deals, stark fields and radio meals
I found refuge in a paved parking lot
Distant frown brought it down for all to see
Glory for stories, that history is not a mystery
Quench thirst with television beer and lip gloss
Teeth hurt from working for you and your cost
Don't distinguish me from the rest
I am not paying free attention
You made sure the belief interrupted conversations
Of the real, steel reality
Functionable, fashionable, painted plastic entity

Ill-kept house of disregarded reputation
An entire nation of frustration 
But it is a dry heat and the meat is for sale
And the fields are filled with bales
Leave it to the trees to please your needs
You know, it is starting to show, please

Media mayhem, CNN telling lies in disguise
Of the truth, words loosely used and abused
For the kids to be telling their friends
For the husbands to be telling their wives
It is the story of our lives, the beginning of the end
Lowdown showdown with these clowns
Let the people drown beneath your oil, beneath the soil
It's on fire, are we alive? Are we listening?
It is festering, I am requesting desperation
Extinction of species, flyers full of freebies
Cut the coupon, let's get it on!
Fill the cart with entertainment and information
About pop stars and a story for the nation

Bring a gun, let's have fun, cop car catastrophe
Lay it down between commercials on the TV
School shooting, looting the booty
Disaster loving romance dancers
Sweat shop pants and relentless rants about nothing
Left us all bankrupt and recovering
Diesel and fertilizer and Phizer and prize winning prescriptions
Changed you and me and everything
Globalization of decadence doctrine
56 inch color video game to get lost in
Compact, compartmentalized, centralized obscenity
Seeking sultry sentimental serenity

Billboard billionaire doesn't share, doesn't care
Guilty redirection, Tax exemption to be fair
Old gold and memberships misrepresenting ridership
On the road to ruination of nations
Stockholder, they sold you for a boulder
And it fell on your head, then you fell out a window, you're dead
This land was made for you and me, Woody
Been on the McMoon, we'll be on McMars soon
And all the heat from the cars is melting the snow
We know. But there is no use knowing

Future seems frightening as fiction
Truth transcends contradiction
Convictions of minority, old white fraternity
Seeks to wreak havoc, a travesty of majesty
Is trafficking from the West wing
Defoliant, miscreant, heaven sent hellion
So little revolution, so much rebellion
Convenience store genius robs hot dogs and gobstoppers
Foot stompin, knee slappin, show stoppers like this
Belong on the six o'clock news

And they made a movie out of this
With a soundtrack by the latest musical artist
Toys available with french fries and cyanide
At a fine fast food franchise


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