Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have a holly jolly Christmas (letters from Yogiuday in India)

may you have an ice free christmas with temperatures above  -20 and may there be electricity and rob ford ice lollies for everyone to suck.

have a holly jolly wind blown week.

may the elves offer up tidings of great joy and red noses and lots of bargains in the big box stores.
may there be warmth and peace throughout the land and ribbons and tinsel covered in smiles and a bounty of love for all.

and kindly remember the millions of people who have no electricity, ever, no ability to shop and find bargains any time of the year and no clothes, house nor cardboard shack in which to stay warm.  they are our family, too.  and remember that turkeys, like all animals, experience fear.

peace :) 

Hello and merry christmas and happy hannukah, my friend,
I howled at your email to the people of Toronto. It is a great time of year to keep reminding people that our unsustainable, consumer whore culture is just a made in china, plastic, meaningless, gift away from total economic, cultural and environmental collapse. I think people really embrace that kind of message as they sit in traffic backed up in the mall parking lot, with a long list of to dos and no time to do it in.

I am happy that you are mostly escaping the barren culture of christmas while you are residing in the land of spirits and magic. This place must seem most obscene to a person far removed from it. We are like boiled toads here, with the water literally heating up, as we season it to perfection of destruction.

We are experiencing a new joyeux noel this year, of course because of the little human that we have brought into the world. We await the arrival with excitement and, at once, trepidation, for it is our first human baby and we are afraid of the egregious mistakes we will make and our offspring will end up in a lifetime of therapy for all the fucked up shit we did when it was a child. (like indoctrination with environmentalism and an intense distrust of the government and its agents and corporations)
We will do our best but, without a doubt, our child will know the likes of Hemingway before the Sedins and that will make it a target with the corporate brown shirts. 
It may face great ridicule amongst its anti-intellectual sports stat quoting contemporaries. But, alas, there is a David Suzuki in every crowd and our child just may find them. Or be them. Or both.

Who knows what strange things the future shall bring?
Merry Christmas, my friend.

From your comrade and decorated veteran of the war on christmas,

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