Saturday, November 2, 2013

Letter to National Organization for Marriage.

Dear people who are stuck in the Dark Ages,
I stumbled upon your site by accident and I couldn't believe that there are actually people out there that still dedicate their time to 'saving' gay people and eradicating gay marriage. In fact, you spend time and resources petitioning the government to repeal propositions and for corporations to stop their sponsorship of anything remotely deemed gay 'friendly'.
While you think that you are doing God's work and that you are fulfilling the great word of Jesus Christ, you are in fact, causing great harm, suffering and violence. I cannot believe that your organisation feels it has the moral authority to instruct private and public institutions to follow the made up wishes and so called commands of your God.
Your God would be ashamed of you. With all the evil and destruction in this World, the fight that you have chosen to fight is this? Really?
Your ilk knows that it is losing this battle. How does that feel? Your battle is not a good battle. It is wrong and immoral. Do you know that teen suicide is many times higher among gay teens than heterosexual teens? Do you realise that your organisation has some of that blood on it's hands?
When you erroneously tell your followers that being gay is a lifestyle choice, even though science has long known that there is a 'gay gene', you indirectly wage support for discrimination against an already marginalised minority group. What would Jesus say about that? I think I know what He would say.
Do you know that when someone is attacked and there are gay slurs said during the attack, the attacker faces hate crime charges? Well, you should. Your organisation is indirectly responsible for inciting hatred. Think about it.
I am happy that you provided a list of gay friendly companies and politicians on your website, I had no idea that some of these companies were so full of love for their brothers and sisters. I will be spending my money there from now on. What really caught my eye was the bit about Chris Christie. Is this not the guy who was personally driving around in the days following hurricane Sandy, helping people get food, power or relief? How dare you paint a man like that with your ignorant brush? Last I checked, Jesus would have loved Governor Christie.
I feel sorry for stupid people but I feel rage toward evil people and your organisation is made up of evil people, to control stupid people.
I think you missed Jesus' point entirely. Go back and read the Book again.
P.S. -The fact that you have Federal Tax Exemption status is a travesty of the greatest magnitude.

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  1. Excellent comments, Tony. So well written and I hope that your letter is taken note of. I am no longer keeping "quiet" when somebody tries to pass their religious rhetoric on to me. So proud of you!