Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Granny.

"The time when you lived on Second Street, where there were fruit trees aplenty 
There were cherries and apples for pies you made
The dark green paint of the Chrysler 
Garden gloves stiff from the dried up dirt
and the juice of blackberries and cherries
The trips to Alberta and Manitoba 
Snowball fights on the White Pass Yukon Route in July
Swimming in Departure Bay, Beban Park and Long Lake in the summers
Sandbox beneath the Arbutus on Avalon
Crochet at Birch Bay and bikes on the beach
Your camper was comfort with it's hard boiled eggs
Or 2 dollars 
The bee stings at Four Seasons were treated with onions
Garter snakes in the rocks in Chase, by the Dartt's 
The gear shift fell out in the driveway in that brown Comet
Grandpa came and rescued us and cursed 
With his tools from the jars and the parts of the car
Was as far as it got and we left
Back to public beach access, where castles were built in the sand
As long as we were back before the Sun went down
We had those soft cookies or muffins with butter
To get us through the day 
We learned to pull carrots and peel them
To plant seeds and prune trees
And see things and be things
There is always time enough to dream
I remember lying in the grass, watching the clouds roll by in the wind
It wasn't why is the sky blue? 
It was why not
That green bike you brought, that I careened into a wall
On my 6th birthday
I hadn't yet learned, how to make a turn
But I did 
When I lived on 3rd Street and went to college
You and Grandpa came by all the time with food and friendship
White Christmas Tree always had so much beneath
Your life of creativity and paint were an example and a bar that you set
That I carry with me still, art is life.
That time the neighbour cut his fingers off with a lawnmower blade
and Grandpa rescued him and raced to the hospital
You cleaned blood out of the New Yorker after they got home
I thought you and grandpa were heroes.
I guess you were
I guess you are
And will ever be."

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