Sunday, September 29, 2013

Response to Stubhub's corporate customer service form letter.

Dear Stubhub, 
Considering the fact that the tickets never did come to my house, then the sender and Stubhub did not bother to contact me in any way and then as the night of the concert drew close, I called to inquire about said tickets, and I was informed the tickets were on the other side of the country. This being, geographically, the second largest national land mass on Earth, after Russia, I was concerned the tickets would not find their way across it.
However, the overtly and almost robotically engineered, corporate ramblings and apologies spewing forth from Matthew, ( I think that was his name) on the phone assuring me that I would be seeing the show and I could expect the tickets some time the following afternoon.

Matthew said if the tickets did not make it to me by a reasonable time in which a person could receive the tickets and reasonably get themselves across town in time for the opening, he said I would receive a refund.
This refund he so eloquently spoke of was downgraded to a promise of the amount of a show, at a later date, to be paid for, for the total sum of the price of the previously mentioned tickets I was supposed to receive, but had not yet.
I still have yet to receive any trace of a phone call or explanation of where the cross country ticket debacle finally came to a dramatic close, or how the tickets met their demise.
I can only hope that some lucky soul noticed the sad, empty seats in the Orpheum that night, while the young, talented way beyond his years, Jake Bugg, poured his innocent,folk heart out on the stage.

It is suffice to say that I am let down by your lack of action and service and I ask to be refunded in full, to my credit card, for the amount of the tickets. The order is #7187375, 2 tickets for the meteoric Jake Bugg, of Nottingham, England, at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, on September 27th.

I hope that this Fan Protect TM that you speak of in your business language covers negligence by your company or the mail carrier, like in this case, demonstrably so, I would argue. If the circumstances in this case don't warrant the invocation of Fan Protect TM, I would have to question the entire existence of Fan Protect TM.

I shall await your measured response...

Tony Durke.

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