Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brian Eno - music for airports

This is one the greatest Ambient albums ever made. I know that some of you will say that is oxymoronic. I think the word 'ambient' being used to describe a genre of music was coined by Eno. He was once stranded in an airport in the 1970s and was quite dismayed at the awful audio atmosphere, so he made the album to be played in airports.
Apparently, it was played on a loop in Chicago's O'Hare airport back in early 80s, which seems like something that would have been oddly fashionable in the early 80s.
All those earthy tones, those jeans, the end of an era without a new one to replace it. It was an interesting time, a time of Ordinary People and Kramer vs. Kramer and a time for Brian Eno to kick ass.
It was after this that all those British musicians started playing World music and got all weird and Peter Gabriel-ish. Eno was no stranger to some odd choices of fashion and music.
Music for Airports is pure peace.
It's timeless...

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