Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter to Christy Clark...

Right Honourable, Premier Christy Clark,

I am writing you for a couple of reasons. First, I congratulate you on your recent win in the BC election. I think even you were surprised by this. I know I was. To be quite honest with you, I think I should have paid more attention to how lame Adrian Dix really was because that election was the NDP's to lose and they lost it. 

The fact is, I have always despised your government. Do not take this personally, Ms. Clark, I despise the NDP as well. Just for different reasons, that's all. My whole life, it seems, I have been let down by them or by your government.

Let me just say that I think you are a much better premier than Gordo. He was such a tyrant and a misanthrope, he had to leave office. He had no choice, he was hated here.

You have much more going for you. And I am being genuine when I say that. You have charisma, talent and compassion. I also just feel better when it is a woman in a position of power. (excluding the Condoleeza Rices of the world) Women are not nearly as cruel and callous as men and men have been in power forever and look at the mess we are in today.
I am proud to say there are six female premiers in office right now in this country and I think we shall be better off because of it. And this time, you were elected, not just taking over to try and clean up the mess left by a male predecessor. Well, sort of elected. We won't get into the whole David Eby thing right now. A quick by-election ought to straighten all that out. So, again, congratulations. 

It must have been very challenging for you to serve under Gordo as Deputy Premier back in those early, heady days of 2001-2003, during the service cuts and all the cuts to education and the environment and all the selling off of our publicly owned assets. The province was in social turmoil.
I mean, you were only in your mid 30's then. It must have been a very stressful time.
Especially with that BC Rail scandal so close to home (literally), the legislature raid, the sell-off of the fast ferries to the Washington Group at a giveaway price, somehow your brother was involved but we'll never know how because Basi and Virk decided to plead guilty the day before some high profile folks were to take the stand. And their $6 million in legal fees were footed by we, the taxpayers. But that's ancient history. We're past that now. 
It seems I have a more vivid memory than a lot of voters in this province.

So, here we are now. Yesterday, I heard on the radio that your Government turned down the Enbridge proposal for the much maligned Northern Gateway Pipeline project.
I have to admit, I was surprised. I was ecstatic, to be honest. 
I thank you and your Government for challenging my cynicism. I thank you for taking into account the environment in which we live. In which you live. In which your children live.

I would like to think that $12.7 billion per year in tourism or $1.2 billion per year in sport and commercial fishing were not the only reason your Government made it's decision. I hope that our beautiful province, with it's pristine coastline, was at the forefront of your Government's conclusion.
After all, your government bases most of it's decisions on revenue.
Although, looking at the sale of the fast ferries, the runaway costs of the Vancouver Convention Centre, The BC Place Stadium, the attempted privatisation of the BCLDB, the sale of BC Hydro and BC Ferry Services, one might want to think about getting a new accountant?

Your faithful citizen of the Best Place on Earth,
Tony Durke.

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