Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Bilderberg time again! Secrets, Lies and World Domination.

It's June again already, so you know what that means; time for 130 or so world leaders, CEOs, bankers, despots and criminals to meet in secret, to discuss how they will devalue currency, start wars, end wars, crash markets, start markets and just generally act like rich and powerful people. And by that, I mean that these people feel that they have the inherent right to rule over us, the citizens of the World.

All you have to do is look at the list of attendees to know that there is some nefarious shit going on behind those closed doors. The media is never invited. Correction: People that OWN the media are always invited. There are always a few people that sit on the 'steering committee' who belong to the owner class of the media.

For our country, Canada, this person is Heather Reisman, CEO of Chapters/Indigo. She has been a Bilderberger for years. There have been other media people who were courted in the past, including Peter Mansbridge of the CBC.
Also, this year will see Rob Prichard attending. He is the head of Torys, LLP, an international law firm that specialises in mergers and acquisitions. I could point out that Prichard is the former head of Torstar but that would just be mean spirited of me, wouldn't it?
Now, why would the highest paid personality and the most recognisable face in state sponsored, Canadian media (Mansbridge) be invited to a secret conference with the most powerful people in the World, you may ask? It is a valid question.
Our own former premier Gordon Campbell, attended the conference in 2010, Alberta's premier, Allison Redford, went last year. Brad Wall, Saskatchewan's premier, will be gracing the Bilderbergs with his presence this year in Watford. Even the loveable Mike Harris once attended the Bilderberg conference. When asked about it, Harris responded in this fashion:

I am not one for conspiracy theories but I am going to point out that there is a common thread here. All three of those premiers are conservative and all three are from Canada's oil producing provinces. I also must point out that Bilderberg was started by four men, one of whom ran Royal Dutch Shell.
Again, not theorising, only taking note.

Another steadfast member of the steering committee is Ed Clark, CEO of TD Financial. Major banks are always welcome at Bilderberg, especially the TD. They are there every year to enjoy the festivities. I hope they are all acting in the best interest of citizens and not just shareholders.

Please check out this link and learn about the Bilderberg group.

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