Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A letter from Yogiuday...

i have been thoroughly enjoying the clandestine events and melodrama being played out by snowden, hongkong, america, iceland, ecuador, uk and now russia.  a better fiction could not have been written.

yeah hongkong!! yeah turkey!! 

and how stupid of the uk not to have ordered aeroflot to watch for snowden when they wrote to so many other airlines ordering this and that.

and which government will be the final saviour of our protagonist snowden?

uk and america are finished.  now the only hope is that something less bad will take over....hhhmmmmm.

china must be drooling with anticipation of waving a cyber finger at the newly discovered cyber terrorists.

meanwhile, business as usual in ottawa, canberra and the rest of the blind fools following the big brothers into oblivion. i have to say, canada is really amazingly stupid these days.  but that is no surprise considering it is run by adolf petrohitler and his corrupt mafioso.

no less interesting, of course, is canada's two top mayors:  one charged with corruption and forced to resign.  the other, a coke head and former drug dealer, who arranges for the police to wipe out all evidence of his connections to the current drug trade by creating huge raids and chaos in the drug community. and he is still running canada's biggest city and demanding more security.

meanwhile, 1,000,000 people in brazil and tens of thousands in many other countries are raising their middle fingers to the governing mobsters to say enough is enough. and what does EVERY country do? send in the hollywood ninja riot goons to put democracy in its place.

here in north india, 20,000 people are missing and presumed buried under mud after the recent monsoon flooding, but the government says 600 are dead.  the rest, i guess, are not important....like the protesters in egypt, spain and greece and the one and only openly gay man in yemen who escaped to save his life after too many death threats, like the 1 billion people being spied upon in facebook, google and everywhere else digitally, and like anyone who wishes to speak out and challenge the corporate farce and  psuedo democratic bullshit currently being foisted on humanity.  the only people of consequence, it seems, are the yes men who drink coca cola and shop at walmart and who buy guns and bigger weaponry.

this little rant, my friends, i am sure is running, in some version, through many minds right now...collectively, it is drawing us all closer to some kind of new vision.  past all the fear, past all the violence, past all the hate. in each of our own ways, we will be a part of the shift that is already underway.

may it be peaceful.....and may i change my own words to be less spiteful and more kind.
my apologies for sending you this mail, as you are probably now on a list.

of course, some of you left wing pinko commie hippy homosexuals were probably on that list a while ago. :)

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