Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Alberta road trip in '96 (when you ended up with a criminal record)

The blizzard of the heart sucks up all the heat
Making decisions has always taken most of my energy
Indeed, there is not much left for the pursuit and great maintenance of love
Always of time saved and roads never taken

Your dead are buried in a place where the Sun shines all day
That real estate is priceless, as far as I know
They would never build a house there
I bet they'd build a factory or some kind of manufacturing plant there.

Dancing was never really your thing
Even when times were good and the music was good
You preferred to try to have a conversation
Movement was never scrutinised or evaluated

It was like you were always outside the crowd
They knew your name but that was about all they knew about you
Your cards were close and you were the one with the most secrets
Spent your time reflecting and distracted

And now is the time for schooling
Old enough to learn and still young enough to believe
You take your signs from nature and the newspaper
the lake and the dirt and the price of gold

Opinions are rich in number and destitute of virtue
The body politic is famished for a decent meal
Again, the way you feel is predictable and shallow
Hollow and distinct in it's capacity for staying true to form

The signs are still there in your absence
Garish and daring
With an indication of youthful lawlessness
Within reason

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