Wednesday, May 1, 2013

400 PPM!

We have reached our goal of 400 parts per million, which is a number measuring carbon in our atmosphere. Climatologists say that to go above 350 PPM is very dangerous and could have catastrophic affects on our climate and our planet.
The last time we were at 400 PPM was about 3 million years ago, during the Pliocene period, when sea levels were 18-131 feet higher than they are today.
Scientists started keeping records of this rise in CO2 in 1958, when the measurement was 316 PPM.
Since then, the rise in CO2 has been charted on something called a Keeling Curve graph. If you want to depress the shit out of yourself, go check out a Keeling Curve.
I guarantee you will want to stick your head in the collective sand, just as most of our World leaders have chosen to do.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the climate change talks in Bonn.

Canada will be sending an outsourced, temporary, foreign, Indonesian monkey to take notes and report back.

For more information on how to actually help the situation, see

Or, listen to the words of Bill McKibben.

Or don't. But, don't forget your sunscreen.

Or your life jacket...

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