Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good old Craigslist

from Vancouver Craigslist...

 I Need A Free Music Video

I need a free music video for promo.

Here's the concept so far... we get 3 strippers and get them to do what strippers do and splice in and out shots of the band playing. Maybe something with a motorcycle and beer.

Or we can go with your idea. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This ARTicle first appeared in 'the Blog' by Kevin Grandia.

The Harperites aren't just silencing scientists, they are silencing artists. In true Politburo fashion, reminiscent of East Germany during the Cold War, The Canadian Government is censoring the message...
In 2011, Canadian artist Franke James set out on a solo European art exhibit spanning 20 countries. But what happened instead, prompted an Amnesty International campaigner in Croatia to declare it a "sad day for Canadian democracy."
Franke James's art show was cancelled after the NGO organizing the event, Nektarina, was told they would not receive the support they expected from Canadian embassies. The reasoning was that Franke "speaks against the Canadian Government." Nektarina's representative Sandra Antonovic rightly pointed out at the time that she, "would expect that from the Putin government or a country like Kazakhstan, but I didn't expect that from Canadians."
The story got even worse (for our democracy), when Franke James confirmed her suspicions about government interference through a series of government documents she received under the Access to Information and Privacy Act. The documents showed just how much effort had gone into trying to to shut Franke up. One subject line in an email between Canadian embassy staff bluntly asked: "Franke James is Your Fault?"
The story is pretty unbelievable. Historically, art has played a strong role in dissent against the powers-that-be, and of all the places in the world, Canada would be one of the last you would expect such government censorship to happen.
Flash forward to today and Franke James is doing what every Canadian is taught from an early age: to stand up and fight for what you believe is right. Franke has turned her art, her story and her activism into a visually stunning book, Banned on the Hill: a True Story about Dirty Oil and Government Censorship, and on Monday her book got international attention with a feature in UK's Guardian media outlet.
The attention is well deserved. Her art is very cool, and no doubt the success of her new book will rekindle the emotions that her state-censored European exhibit elicited from the ruling Conservative Party. Our Prime MInister, in Franke's eyes, might look a little something like this:
A little lesson for Prime Minister Harper and the reigning Conservatives might be to tolerate a little criticism from time-to-time. Sometimes the people are right and even if you think they aren't, you're only going to make it worse for yourself by trying to shut them up.
After all, this is Canada, and while we might act polite with our "pleases" and "thank you's," we do not like to be interrupted or, god forbid, shushed.

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The Alberta road trip in '96 (when you ended up with a criminal record)

The blizzard of the heart sucks up all the heat
Making decisions has always taken most of my energy
Indeed, there is not much left for the pursuit and great maintenance of love
Always of time saved and roads never taken

Your dead are buried in a place where the Sun shines all day
That real estate is priceless, as far as I know
They would never build a house there
I bet they'd build a factory or some kind of manufacturing plant there.

Dancing was never really your thing
Even when times were good and the music was good
You preferred to try to have a conversation
Movement was never scrutinised or evaluated

It was like you were always outside the crowd
They knew your name but that was about all they knew about you
Your cards were close and you were the one with the most secrets
Spent your time reflecting and distracted

And now is the time for schooling
Old enough to learn and still young enough to believe
You take your signs from nature and the newspaper
the lake and the dirt and the price of gold

Opinions are rich in number and destitute of virtue
The body politic is famished for a decent meal
Again, the way you feel is predictable and shallow
Hollow and distinct in it's capacity for staying true to form

The signs are still there in your absence
Garish and daring
With an indication of youthful lawlessness
Within reason

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shot while driving...

                                oregon i-5
                                SE Marine Drive, one crisp evening
                                South 40 lands in the dead of Winter
                                            Winter rain never ends
                                Cassiar tunnel traffic

Air Gap

Dear the Gap,

Come on, people! Why do you have to behave like colonial barons? The world is trying to move beyond the corporate greed and usher in a new era of responsible capitalism. Abercrombie and Fitch and other companies that remain competitive, are complying with the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Code.
Why can't you?
I will not spend another goddamned dime at any of your stores or affiliates until you resolve this matter.
In the meantime, I'll spend my cash at a store where they at least respect the most basic tenets of the laws of the country in which they have decided to set up shop. Example- Abercrombie and Fitch. Which is gonna suck because their clothes are like 1960s New England, wannabe, yuppie, socialite, sailing club, trust fund, waif-esque, thanksgiving costume bullshit.
And that's me being generous.
So, let's get it together and close the Gap on greed, shall we?
Your company will be the better for it.
Bangladeshis everywhere will thank you...

Monday, May 20, 2013


On May 14th, you chose apathy
On May 14th, you let your future fall into someone else's hands
On May 14th, you saw it happening and you did nothing
On May 14th, you decided it wasn't worth fighting for anymore
On May 14th, your silence was heard
On May 14th, you lost.
Because you didn't vote.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

West Enders

Helvetica for Christmas

We live in malls and trailers like goddamn 2nd rate cockroaches 
 a bone to pick with anyone who tries to pass us in the slow lane.
 Lining up for the crushed skulls of a thousand prisoner calves, screaming as the hammer falls.
You hang on my every word and try to hate me but you know I am right. Your conscience is empty and your mailbox is full of flyers full of plastic toys
Drones ply the sky in search of humans trying to find out why this is all falling apart
And you know they all just keep making more babies
The mothers clutch them in their arms
Those precious little fucking babies
They will hunt their peers down on the playground 
The skies fill up with carbon as the streets fill up with blood
The sale is on! The sale is on!
I can play an instrument I can fire a gun I can never stay but I can run
From all the terrible talk that leaves me feeling guilty for all that I have done.
This time of year
Have no fear, I am doing fine I have just spent too much time
Lists to compare who had the best hair and the worst dressed best guest speaker killer lover tweaker
All the drugs are wearing thin and the guns are coming out again
The players are still playing while a cheating leader leads us all to mutually assured distraction, it's madness with bright colors and numbers to illustrate the way to our own demise of obesity and stupidity
hark! I hear them bemoaning the loss of God while the doors close and the bombs fall and the cat calls come 
Freedom comes from the barrel of a gun
Talk is cheap because it's all I hear
Pedantic, frantic, disastrous antics
It's a horse kick
It's the oldest trick
Take a look at those words again
The lyrics have been lost on us
Now we kill each other for a parking spot, it's all we have left to stand up for T
he music is too loud and we are are all too proud to let it go
We love our children
Fear our neighbors
Hate the teachers
Sit in bleachers, to scream for our team but fail even to whisper for change because it is strange

The end of the year has come again and with it, the lists of
the best quotes
The best pictures
The best kicks
The best saves
The best films
The best times
The worst crimes
Change only comes to those that wait
Cannot hate the haters because they know not what they do
But someday soon
The elephant in the room
Shall roll over like tanks into Baghdad

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New werks by Durke

                                         when the fair came to the mall (when I was a kid)


                                    mutiny on the prairie (#oil)

Round town...

                               tracks, front street.

                      storm a coming

                      West End buildings

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

400 PPM!

We have reached our goal of 400 parts per million, which is a number measuring carbon in our atmosphere. Climatologists say that to go above 350 PPM is very dangerous and could have catastrophic affects on our climate and our planet.
The last time we were at 400 PPM was about 3 million years ago, during the Pliocene period, when sea levels were 18-131 feet higher than they are today.
Scientists started keeping records of this rise in CO2 in 1958, when the measurement was 316 PPM.
Since then, the rise in CO2 has been charted on something called a Keeling Curve graph. If you want to depress the shit out of yourself, go check out a Keeling Curve.
I guarantee you will want to stick your head in the collective sand, just as most of our World leaders have chosen to do.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the climate change talks in Bonn.

Canada will be sending an outsourced, temporary, foreign, Indonesian monkey to take notes and report back.

For more information on how to actually help the situation, see

Or, listen to the words of Bill McKibben.

Or don't. But, don't forget your sunscreen.

Or your life jacket...