Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GITMO (for freedom!)

166 prisoners left...

Unlawful Combatants

as of March 2013
No defence
No charges laid against them
11 years
over 4000 days
on their knees
no sound
no sight
burning in the Sun

Breaks consist of someone screaming at you
or loud, crushing music being played for hours at a time

There shall be a debt to pay for this, my friends

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pictures by Phone...

                      New West overpass, sunset
                      Alley behind Goblin Studios
    Sunrise, Langley
                      Sunrise, Langley no. 2

Vampire Barn

Thursday, April 18, 2013

wild horses

Backpacks full of weapons
maybe explosives
video games and insane parents
left a generation tired before they were old
strip malls and middle names are in the news again
Gits harder every day
Making new fuel discoveries
and unprecedented flooding
Sports cars and hope for the lottery
drive our ambitions
and loss of youth
It is the truth we are afraid of
It is the math we can't deny
We know the way
All those asphalt cities tell a story
We spend all of our money
The dirt is dry
The wings are spread
for all the stories you could tell
I wish you well, my friend
It is all style and no difference
Like a scarecrow in the yard, scaring everyone
not only the birds

One of the greatest albums of all time... The Soft Bulletin

I know that if you know me well, then you know about my mild obsession with the OKC band, the Flaming Lips. This Pitchfork documentary is a must-see for those of you that are not familiar with the band. They are true, uncompromising artists in every sense of the term. The Soft Bulletin is a masterpiece of auditory accomplishments, a grand and beautiful collection of songs.



I heard the news today oh boy
Those mutherfuckers took the town again
bullets fly I don't know why
To drive our cars to the mall and the bank
Don't cry don't fight don't go out at night
Love is all we have
don't waste it
Keep it close to the annals of your heart
Don't tell anyone
they will think you are crazy
And they will come for you

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WORDS by tony.
Senses run like a train or a horse
Of course You are the one
Sending me laughing and reckoning into the night
Youth is a game like life itself
The time I ran was when I saw no other way
Every day, we learn the ways and the words of others
Teach ourselves to live in this grown up world
Like a firework or my alarm clock, the noise you cannot escape
Like space, time seems like it was a waste
And Pictures.