Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Email From Gerald regarding Grade Nine Movie

so colby asked if tonys buddy could shoot in the downstairs bedroom on a sun from  prob 11 am till 4 pm for a movie competition hes in.  im sending u the clip next. u can fwd it to yr children and then they can fwd it and they all can vote for it so the kids can win the money to shoot the whole movie. so we thot what the hay and thot 4 or 5 peeps for 5 or so hrs - let the kids have their fun..  ---   heh heh . so tony arr at 9 am and he n i cleaned out the whole room and half the so called family room.  we had stuff jammed everywhere incl the front step. then at 11 the peeps started to arr. abt 4 cube vans - one backed up the driveway full of elec gear. about 10 cars on the street - a tent in the front yard for craft serv. u prob saw my pic upstairs - 5 or 6 girls from wardrobe and hair and makeup in the dining room - whole table covered with their stuff but only 1 wardrobe rack beside it. 4 actor kids in the living room flipping channels and pounding on their phones.the 2 older east indian actors joined in later. so it turned out to be an east indie. wardrobe changes in me and r offices. bathroom busy with a lineup.ruth me n colb shut in the kitchen. our bedroom mostly escaped.  downstairs the bedroom and fam room were jammed. actors - monitor - director 65000$ camera and 4 lenses @ 65000 each.  poor sound recording guy jammed between deep freeze and furnace and later saw the back up recording guy jammed way in the backest corner of my basement junk huddled in an old chair - i didnt even know he was there til it was half over  --  i accused him of scoring the private corner office. then poor lighting guys had to go in the backyard after dark to light it up to simulate daylight  --  and they sure did  --  the biggest longest welding flash u ever saw  --  and i think they must have got clotheslined - literally - because they went back there without any lights to see their way. so by 1030 pm they were all gone and tonys buddy jay the director said well thats the magic of film. i said i think thats the unmagic of film. you have like 20 people here for 12 hrs and what have u got - 5 min of film.  he said maybe 3 or 3 and half minutes. so it was an indie film and so NO ONE got paid and if they read this - they were ALL a great bunch to take over the house for one day and we enjoyed the whole thing. lesson to learn  --  there is no such thing as a small film shoot.  so if u follow thru on the instructions on the clip  EVERYBODY can figure out how to vote so we can get the sequel of stefans old room.  thats his room the kids are playing the game in and the fam room and my old desk where the folks are sitting and talking to the teacher. this is such a typathon for me that im fwd it to a few others.  kbye

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