Saturday, February 23, 2013


Art is terror
Young people are out of control
Society is crumbling
Time is moving faster and propels us toward our uncertain future
The talk is of destruction and love and memories
I can't stand it
I know you fucking planned it
Let's get this straight
Who made this?
Who did this?
Who is this?
The front pages are filled with feelings
Every night I dream of the latest fetish
Every morning I awake with the same dread
I will have to go through this all again
with my enemies
and my friends
The time we waste
and the blood we taste
will leave us content
and contemptuous
But we remain industrious
and full of illustrious ideas for a new world

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No KeystoneXL, No NGP

The climate is heating up and so is the planet. At least, that is what they tell us. I think we all know by now who to believe, regardless of the disinformation. There is always good reason to question science because we have been wrong before, but to do nothing in favour of something is dangerous and ridiculous. Why are we so brave and proud and stupid? Why do we let a small, vocal minority of morons dictate their beliefs, which become law, to us, the silent and thoughtful majority?
How long until we stand up against this army of destructive, secretive soldiers of colonial conquistadors? They stand shoulder to shoulder with the bankers and bankrollers of the supreme leaders, our captors and dealers of drudgery, discontent and death.
They all cue up for a good dose of what killed the last guy and hope with all they've got that the sickness won't find it's way to their compromised and degraded souls.
But it will. It always does. in one way or another. The breath always gets sucked out of you in the middle of the night, or worse, when you are hiding.
Free trade agreements have all been signed in our names and all the security in the world won't keep us safe but the illusion will placate for now.
What in the hell have we become and how do we now find ourselves in this predicament?
And if you don't think you are in a predicament then I suggest you hang up the phone right now because the call is coming from inside your house,
The seriously ill and the young are the only ones who have it all figured out and then they die and get old and not in that order, the shame always takes them away, in the end.
These people have given all they have in order to stand up for you
For your children
Oh, the students and the artists and the environmentalists and the faggots and the lefties and the vegans
The media saw them all and pointed them out and then they turned the cameras off, leaving generations in the dark to figure out just what the fuck you all did while your world was being shitkicked by jocks with lobbyists and the 1%, who you bow down to and canonise on the covers of magazines you read while waiting in line to buy time.
Your phone rings all day but you have nothing to say
Car wrecks and gunshots and snowstorms and uniformed stormtroopers 
Education! you scream, as if in dream, it seems like this every day now
But the kids are still born and the paths are well worn
We have rules to make it all work
Like a scary movie or a roller coaster
It doesn't hurt
if you keep your eyes closed Washington, #NOKXL

Freedom isn't free #climatechange

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Heath saga continues...

Namaste! Thank you for the correspondence, it is always hotly anticipated and much appreciated. To have such an intelligent and thoughtful friend is a treat in life. 
Your posting on Chitwan national Park was a very interesting and insightful read. I can see from the photographs and words that this has become a monumental experience for all of you. I just love your takes on the white North American dude teaching yoga to pre-pubescent Nepali kids. 
The scene is truly worthy of a Wes Anderson film. I can picture it in great detail.
Do you miss Nepal? You said that it is nice to be somewhere warm but I can imagine you have a space in your heart for the mountain kingdom forever.
As people who live in a dark, rain drenched climate, the love for places where the Sun shines all the time is unbridled, am I right?
I just feel some kind of peace from deep within my soul when I am in a warm climate.
I see you have been writing more and more about your experiences. You are warming up. Like a singer, you must warm the vocal cords. It seems as though you are finding your voice again.
I mean, all those years and all those thoughts, without writing any of it down. There must be so much you want to put into words. Travel inspires. Love inspires.
There is a really nice balance on the blog between you and Su. I think her writing has improved since she began, it is more introspective and less descriptive. I think the reader is always more excited to know what you felt, rather than what you saw...
Keep writing. It is one of your true callings in life and to follow your muse is divine.

I am just resting on the couch today, on BC's newest holiday, Family Day. Also known as Vote Buying Day. It is much needed, as I have been production designing a film trailer.
It is a period piece, taking place in Northern Canada in 1989, so it has been an absolute blast putting together sets and props to fit that time period. When the trailer is edited and up online, I will send a link so you can see it. I am proud of what our hard work created.
We are hoping to secure some funding to make the feature film. Jay Rathore wrote and directed. 
I am in the process of changing professional hats again, transitioning out of the lighting world and into the art dept. world.
I now have an awesome studio and have joined a collective down in Strathcona, right across from the Astoria. There are hookers and crack dealers right outside the door. What a place! Talk about inspiration, my friend.
Thanks for the words regarding my new works. I was on a dry spell for a while, tired of it all, but a trip to New York galleries and art museums always inspires me. 
Art is the best way to say 'fuck you' to reality.

I am glad Ravenne is having such a great time. She is destined for culture shock when she returns to North American life and realizes what selfish, simple assholes people can be when they live in a place that obsesses over reality TV shows about rich divorcees in Hollywood...
She will be the better for it and will probably be an inspiration to her peers. 

Take care and have fun.