Friday, December 28, 2012

We, the people of Earth...

We live in malls and trailers like goddamn 2nd rate cockroaches  a bone to pick with anyone who tries to pass us in the slow lane. Lining up for the crushed skulls of a thousand prisoner calves, screaming as the hammer falls.
Cars and trucks full of lonely, pale boring armed  people, on their way to their own funerals.
You hang on my every word and try to hate me but you know I am right. Your conscience is empty and your mailbox is full of flyers full of plastic toys from a Chinese factory
Drones ply the sky in search of humans trying to find out why this is all falling apart
And you know they all just keep making more babies
The mothers clutch them in their arms
Those precious little fucking babies
That will grow up to seek and destroy all that is good and real and meant to be.
They will hunt their peers down on the playground and strip them down and take away the right to play
The skies fill up with carbon as the streets fill up with blood and the rage of a million scorned souls
The sale is on! The sale is on!
I can play an instrument I can fire a gun I can never stay but I can run
From all the terrible talk that leaves me feeling guilty for all that I have done.
That sound of steel and glass crashing is what makes me most happy
This time of year
Have no fear I am doing fine I have just spent too much time
Lists to compare who had the best hair and the worst dressed best guest speaker killer lover tweaker
All the drugs are wearing thin and the guns are coming out again
the news is full of breaking stories about nothing or less, the all important nights out with the lights out and a civility level that rivals the locked up animals on Riker's or worse, senators
The players are still playing while a cheating leader leads us all to mutually assured distraction, it's madness with bright colors and numbers to illustrate the way to our own demise of obesity and stupidity
hark! I hear them bemoaning the loss of God while the doors close and the bombs fall and the cat calls come from within the Jesus hearts
Freedom comes from the barrel of a gun
Talk is cheap but it must be worth a lot because it's all I hear
Pedantic, frantic, disastrous antics
It's a horse kick
It's the oldest trick
In the Good book
Take a look at those words again
The lyrics have been lost on us
Now we kill each other for a parking spot, it's all we have left to stand up for or stand against, we can't decide
All we know is that the music is too loud and we are are all too proud to let it go
Blu ray is so clear but my vision is cloudy and none of these warnings will save us if they are written in a language we don't understand
We love our children
Fear our neighbours 
Hate the teachers
Sit in bleachers, to scream for our team but fail even to whisper for change because it is strange to ask for anything when you can take it

The end of the year has come again and with it, the lists of
the best quotes
The best pictures
The best kicks
The best saves
The best films
The best times
The worst crimes
But never the best change for change only comes to those that wait
Cannot hate the haters because they know not what they do
But someday, someday soon
The elephant in the room
Shall roll over like tanks into Baghdad

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