Monday, December 17, 2012

thinking while waiting

The lessons we learn are not to be taken lightly
from the time we are born we are told to listen
Talk is cheap, talk is weak, time is precious
I know this, for time has slipped away from me
But it's alright, it keeps coming back
to give me another chance
and I am thankful for that
There is more to say...
and more people to love and learn from and fight with
All these cars and temporary lovers are crowding up the freeways
Have we all not grown tired of this song and dance?
I think we have
We are afraid of it ending and all of us stuck out in the cold
not knowing from where to start again
I try to ignore all the rain these days
I won't let it win and leave me beaten as it always has
not this time
I spurn the informal disaster
all we have are the words and many of those are forgotten
So all we have is now
this moment
in time

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