Thursday, December 20, 2012

The future shock

The end of the world is upon us
Not the kind that involves earthquakes and lava eruptions
or an impact by a meteor 
No, this one comes in the form of supermarket queues 
aftermarket shoes and television shows 
All these dreams, it seems have been
borne of the loss of hope in the future
and the birth of a new sort of order
Lining up at the drive thru no longer makes me feel sad
I can talk to my friends again and make it all okay
It's just the way the days stretch out and leave you feeling
as if there is not enough time to even get bored
never mind being ignored
you know you are everybody's favorite
and organizer
don't you just hate it when I have it all wrong
but yet, still call all the shots?
Damn it, has it not always been that way
as long as you can remember?
It is the thing that makes us all go wild and crazy with
passion and rage and protection of our own egos
because that is what must be protected, I suspect.
At least that is what it looks like from here
Here we are again, another year
The hawks have been shouted down and run out of town
for now
Don't you know the price of everything nice?
It is the same as wearing a smile when you want to cry
there is a price for nice, you'll pay twice
unless you share
There is a reason why they stare...

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