Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter to Heath...

Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, it was straight up amazing. Getting hitched on the beach is definitely the way to go, isn't it? The sound of the water crashing in makes a sweet scene. Of course, it was a little warmer than I am used to but that is the nature of the Baja. We just had an absolute blast. Everything went off perfectly. I never knew what an emotional ride it would be. I mean, I didn't cry but everyone else sure did. I am not the crying kind though. But it was still a very powerful moment in my life that I shall never forget. When this woman stands in front of you and basically gives herself to you, that is something to take quite seriously, isn't it? You know exactly what I mean because you went through it 2 months before we did. 
And I know I said it before, but Baja was just incredible. We toured around a bit with some of our pals and spent some time alone before and after the wedding, and it was a great time. We discovered a tiny town just South of Todos Santos called El Pescadero and it was so fucking perfect. Riding bikes down the beach at sunrise and sunset was just awesome.

I am all caught up on your blog, so is Colbs. You guys are definitely facing some hard times there. I don't blame you for wanting to head south, you have done the Nepal experience long enough. It sounds cold and really not what you guys expected. And why suffer hardship in the freezing cold, when warmer and greener pastures await you? 
The picture of your 'house' on the side of the hill was astounding. I must give you kudos, my friend, that place looks about as rustic as it can get, besides living in a fridge box.
Peace out, Sallieri! 

You are probably already travelling, aren't you? You guys saw Everest, so you will be able to say you have been there. Not many can say that in this world. Last time you were there, you spent your time in the West and now you have spent time in the other side of the country. 

Su has been doing most of the writing on the blog, what is up with that? She is a good writer, has she done much in the past? I can tell instantly when it is you writing because it is a lot more contemplative and descriptive. I think men write more like that anyway because we talk more like that. Women tend to focus more on relationships and interactions and men tend to pull back a bit and paint with broader strokes. 
It's not better or worse, it's just interesting to spot the differences. Keep writing, my friend, it is one of your purposes for being here.
The thought of you writing in the square, with all the children around you, reciting as you write, is totally fucking hilarious. I love it.

So, where are you cats off to now? Where in India? Maybe you don't know yet. At least you won't be freezing your asses off anymore. There is definitely something to be said for warm climes, isn't there? I really like 30 degree heat. I never used to, but enough winters here and I want heat, baby! I feel a kinship with the desert. I have talked Colbs into a quick trip to the desert in California over the Christmas break. Gonna rent a car and drive out to the Mojave and Joshua Tree Park. It's calling me and I cannot ignore it. 

Heath, life seems to just get better and better and I think back to my journey of life and I just say, "How the fuck did I get here and who have I become?"
It is simply amazing how I have come to appreciate all that I have in my life! I used to think beauty was a dying art but now I seem to find the beauty in everything. 
Is this what happens when you open your eyes and your heart? It sounds cheesy but I think it's true. 

I wish you guys the best travels down to India, I can only imagine how fucking crazy that will be. My hat is off to you. You are living life to the fullest right now. No dead time. 


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