Saturday, November 3, 2012


The power of the meme
burning like gasoline
swinging from the trees
Hanging in there for some change
It won't come, I can assure you
But line up in your heart
and on your block
You are the one they all look to for answers
This time you do not have one
except the right to bear arms
and to stay out of harm's way
who the fuck is harm,
but a shit kid who never listened to a god damned word I said?
And now we gotta pull him out of the trouble he is in
Bailouts and blistering Sun has got us on the run and
got our heads in the sand

It's raining again...
But the stores are open for now
The taxis are still honking and arriving late
The community stands together
against the onslaught of stupidity
fashion with little function
art sinks, I saw it
the gutter is full of tears and styrofoam
The polls have lied again
all of our friends are staying home this year

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