Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beautiful people prepare to get ugly #DefendOurCoast #Enbridge #KinderMorgan

The ferry on the way was lined with intellect and intuition, I could feel it
the songs were sung and the excitement grew and it was palpable
people wanted to sat FUCK YOU to the wrongness of it all
In the way that someone who has been saving up an explosion for a long time
 Generations step forward to confront the fog of war and greed and destruction
who knows how long it has been since we felt peace
In a perpetual state of fight or flight
If only we might get away with our sanity and enough confidence
to keep the pain away and the dogs at bay
This will be a fight worth saving
You wait and see
it may not be today but love is our only weapon
we hold dearly in the arsenal
 For so long it seems the ones who try to steal our dreams are unrepentant in their search
for the meaning of life by trying to cheat death
Our biggest fear is nothingness
I wanted to tell on them
but i didn't
 You lying mutherfuckers how dare you put us up against the wall
Us beautiful people, we don't even ask for much
We are the ones who keep the lights on and the village strong
But we'll burn it down, too
if we have to
 The dance is the way we do it
and voting and talking and raising the children
I saw the children there, they demanded a voice it was real
more real than the propaganda and comics on the TV
and the machines
The distinction is the real deal
symbiotic relationships are the ones that work
feeding off of each other
We are all lovers
in the end

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